Kernow Rollers


With Kernow Rollers it’s all about style.

If you like your Derby smooth and flowing with a laid back groove then Kernow Rollers have this in abundance. Don’t let their chilled approach fool you though. This crew can skate, and we mean skate real good. ¬†Their pack are a well drilled unit capable of stopping any opposing team dead in their tracks whilst their jammers’ explosive moves pile on the points.

Many of the Kernow Rollers team play for the CRD All Stars and Feral Perryl and Nuka came within a whisker of England selection recently, we recon next time they will make the cut.

Traditionally hailing from the Falmouth and Truro area, Kernow Rollers currently share their training with the Towan Blystra Bombers in Newquay which is adding a new dimension to their playing – without losing any of that Low Down and Derby Style.